Why English Caravans

As a family business since the mid seventies at Woods Caravans we sold mainly local caravans. During the early 2000’s we started to look at the alternative of English caravans over the NZ and Australian caravans we had been selling .

We liked the fact they had the highest specifications to be able to be certified to the standards of Europe and England.

We were excited by their modern fittings and just how luxurious they felt as soon as you step on board. They tended to be much lighter than what was available here so could be towed by a small vehicle.
Galvanised chassis so no rust, Anti sway coupling, over ride brakes and most have independent suspension..Double glazing so the windows don’t fog up in the morning and insulation which suits our climate(after all its generally colder in UK than here) They had toilets and showers on board and tended to be cheaper in price and to our satisfaction high in quality.

We were, we believe the first NZ dealers to start importing English caravans in to New Zealand and it was certainly a learning curve. The shippers had lots of problems in the early days packing them in to containers and we certainly had to persevere over that first 6 to 12 months with so much damage in transit.One caravan even had foot prints all over the roof! The response though was immediate, that first year we could barely land a caravan before it was sold and it wasn’t long before other people started bringing them in too and we now have a huge industry in NZ

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