Simple Tips for Reversing with a Caravan

It’s hard to believe we are in to November again and on the mad rush to Xmas
We were talking to some clients from Hamilton today and they asked us a question which comes up all the time.
How do you reverse with a caravan on the car..?

Its much better to practise in a deserted carpark, you will soon find it easy and less embarrassing than entertaining the caravan park on your arrival 🙂 It’s a good idea to get someone outside to give you directions. Can save a lot of angst and scrapes.

When you reverse a car with a caravan attached, turn the steering wheel the OPPOSITE way to reversing a car.. Left hand down, yes turn wheel to left to get the caravan to go right and right hand down, ie turn wheel right to get it to go left…
The car follows the caravan and to straighten you need to gradually unwind the lock as you are reversing
Big caravans can be easier not harder as many may think..Even though the rules remain the same the movements in a long twin axle just need to be slower and done in a more controlled manner
Slow movements allows you to adjust your position .. If things not going the right way don’t try and make corrections , it better to start again with everything straightened up.

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