Buyer Beware

With the growing popularity of the internet we hear so often of people just buying straight from the internet only to find a caravan arrives that does not live up to expectations and with no parts to back up any problems. Apart from the condition which varies widely there has been much publicity about caravans arriving on our shores that are stolen and /or damp and rotten.

In the early days our buyer John used to go and choose the caravans in the UK himself. He found many dealers who said they had great deals were often trying to pass on sub standard stock they could not move and found their standards did not meet ours.

Over the years we have established highly experienced suppliers who will buy privately or from dealers on our behalf. It does cost a bit more than importing straight from a dealer . They tell us we are their most exacting clients as our standards are the highest. They will often turn down 6 or 7 caravans in a row. We do not compromise. These hand picked Caravans are fully serviced to a high standard before departing their shores for the 6 to 8 week trip to NZ.

All caravans include :
New Gas Compliance and Electrical Certificate.WOF All the appliances, even though they are trusted brands still have to be tested and certified to New Zealand Standards before use.

A gas certificate cannot be issued until the appliances are approved and certified to New Zealand standard tagged and issued with a letter of compliance by an approved certifying body in accordance with the requirements of New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 5601

Whether you are thinking of buying a Motorhome or Caravan make sure they have this certification!!

Brand New Awnings. (Nothing is worse than getting a second hand awning with a pole a bit bent and only discovering something missing at the camp site)

Brand new Gas bottles (full)

Brand new Onboard Deep Cycle battery with an Onboard charger

Full insulation plus double insulated floor, double glazed windows, pull down blinds and fly screens, Water and waste containers (except those with onboard),

Bathrooms with fitted flushing toilet and shower and Professional Grooming

No hidden extras, Caravans include point by point demonstration on how to use everything at pick up.


WARRANTY INCLUDED (Details on application)

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